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PACK & SEND is a 5-star rated franchise system, that is technology-enabled, loved by thousands of customers because of our unique 'NO LIMITS' freight, logistics and eCommerce parcel solutions. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Do you want in? No Industry experience required. Get in touch today to start your journey.

What We Do

As Australia’s leading value-add Parcel & Freight reseller, we consolidate the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point under our brand - allowing our customers to save time, trouble and money on all their logistics needs.

With an independently assessed 5-star franchise system rating every year since 2019, PACK & SEND is the ideal place to start your entrepreneurial journey with franchise opportunities available nationwide.

An Award-winning Service

There’s never been a better time to join PACK & SEND. Our Franchise System was recognised as the 2023 Asia-Pacific Regional Champion at the Global Franchise Awards. Off the back of thousands of 5 star customer reviews, we also are four-time winner of the Courier category in the annual awards.

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Multiple Sales Channels including PACK & SEND Live

At PACK & SEND, you can make sales during business hours, and even while you sleep. PACK & SEND’s unique multi-channel business model enables you to earn revenue through active and residual income streams. Active income is the cash flow you receive when you actively participate in the work to provide the services from your service centre. In contrast, the residual income is the cash flow received with minimal effort, and is primarily derived from PACK & SEND’s technology and ecommerce solutions, including the PACK & SEND Live Software.



1st Year Trackable Brand Lead Guarantee

At PACK & SEND, we guarantee a minimum number of people who will contact you for a quote through our call centre and website for the first year. These are known as Trackable Brand Leads. If you receive less than the minimum number of Trackable Brand Leads specified in your Franchise Agreement, then PACK & SEND makes a payment to you.

Our 1st Year Trackable Brand Lead Guarantee enables you to estimate your potential sales income in the early stages of your business with a better degree of accuracy. It also shows the confidence PACK & SEND has in its business model and brand to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


5-Star Rated & ‘Finance Ready’ Franchise Model

PACK & SEND have been independently rated as having a 5-STAR franchise performance by respected franchise and information specialists FRANdata. We excel in 7 key areas including franchisee financial performance, engagement, training, and support. FRANdata has named PACK & SEND as one of the franchise brands in Australia that are deemed to be ‘finance ready’. According to FRANdata, prospective franchise partners of PACK & SEND are expected to experience an improved lender experience as a result of the effort and investment of the franchisor.


Finance Options

The PACK & SEND franchise model is accredited with the major banks, CBA and ANZ, which means finance may be easier to obtain for approved prospects. PACK & SEND is also accredited with CFI Finance, who are specialists in the franchise finance sector and provide PACK & SEND Franchise Partners streamlined access to funding for new sites, refurbishments, equipment, and fit-outs. CFI Finance also provides Business Loans for Franchise resales and Business Booster Loan options, a cash flow loan available to established businesses. Franchisees can borrow up to $50,000 over a term of up to 24 months. If you are looking to finance your franchise, you won’t find a stronger brand than PACK & SEND. We’ve got the connections to give you more options.

Your Success is Our Priority


You Might Be Wondering...

What is a Franchise?

Franchising is a way of doing business. Unlike setting up your own business, in a franchise, the Franchisor owns the name, brand and system, and you as a franchise partner are given the right to use them. As a franchisee, you pay fees for these rights and ongoing support services.

Why should you own a PACK & SEND franchise?

We've been operating a proven business model that has been continually developed and honed for over 30 years - and we are always looking for entrepreneurial-minded people to join our growing team. Don't believe us? Watch what Michael Wise, one of our multi-unit franchise partners has to say about our services.

What are PACK & SEND Franchise Revenue Streams?

We have two types of income streams.

1. Active

2. Residual

Read here to know more about active and residual income streams.

Is PACK & SEND franchise for me?

The wise selection of prospective franchisees underpins the success of all franchise systems. In order to arrive at a successful "commercial marriage", we go through a systematic and thoughtful approach to franchisee selection to reduce the likelihood of an "imperfect match". Our successful franchise partners are ‘go getters’ who are actively involved in growing their business.

The evolution of the PACK & SEND business model, incorporating our innovative proprietary technology, together with the increased demand for eCommerce fulfilment has seen record sales, international recognition and enabled more and more franchisees, commence and fulfil their multi-unit franchise business goals.

Country Manager, Nicholas Woodward

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PACK & SEND is Australia's leading and most recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. We consolidate the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point under our brand - allowing our customers to save time, trouble and money on all their logistics needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the parcel and courier service sector. We are looking forward to passionate entrepreneurs. Press the button below to get in touch with us.